Who we are

Casa Pecchiari
My name is Diego Pecchiari and, with my wife Valnea, live in Trieste (ITALY), close to the Slovenian border.

My love for German Shepherds dates back to when I was a child and I have ever since loved them! My plaque Casa Pecchiari was recognised in 1978 by ENCI (Italian canine association) and FCI (Federation Cinologique Internationale – World canine association). This gave me many satisfactions among which the greatest when Baby, my dog from the Pecchiari Kennel, won the 3rd AUSLES SAS Campionato Italiano Senigallia prize.

This beautiful experience was interrupted in 1992 for personal matters.

In 2006 I met my partner Valnea and her Cocker Spaniel. She was able to stir my passion for a breed I didn’t know very well but that I immediately found myself loving.

Together we decided to start breeding Cocker Spaniel dogs, well aware of the many difficulties we could have met due to our total inexperience.

We are sure that our enthusiasm and passion for this great little breed will help us along our way. Now, words must give way to facts.

We kindly thank all those who have helped us so far and all those who will help us in the future.

Diego e Valnea